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« Madam Secretary Night Watch (HD, New, TV-14) Elizabeth and cabinet members prepare for the possible aftermath of President Dalton's decision to retaliate against a missile attack with nuclear weapons.
KNOE 8 Weekend Report (New)
Outdoor America Angling Edge (New)
Blue Bloods Hall of Mirrors (HD, TV-PG) An undercover counter-terrorism agent is shot, leaving Frank to put Danny on the case because of the victim's involvement with infiltratring a sleeper cell.
Person of Interest Karma (HD, TV-14) Reese and Finch are tasked with protecting the life of a psychologist who has an unconventional approach to helping his patients find closure.

« Deception Loading Up (HD, New, TV-PG) The Deception squad is asked to help prevent a spy from stealing confidential military information; a person from Kay's past returns.
Castle The Limey (HD, TV-PG) A detective from Scotland Yard collaborates with Castle and Beckett to find out who is responsible for the murder of his friend's daughter.
Major Crimes Year-End Blowout (HD, TV-14) The owner of a car dealership is killed by a bomb explosion that occurs on his lot; Rusty is forced to wear a bullet-proof vest after his life is threatened.
Scandal Get Out of Jail, Free (HD, TV-14) Fitz and Olivia realize that there is a way to make the problems they have been experiencing go away; Mellie is backed up against a wall.

Family Guy Killer Queen (HD, TV-14) When Peter and Chris go to fat camp, they cross paths with a killer who targets overweight kids; Stewie is traumatized by the cover of a Queen album.
The Cleveland Show Cleveland Jr.'s Cherry Bomb (HD, TV-14) Cleveland scares Cleveland Jr. into a vow of chastity after he overhears "the talk" with Roberta; Rollo expresses an interest in going to church.
The Cleveland Show Birth of a Salesman (HD, TV-14) Tim gives Cleveland a job at his company but feels jealous after finding out that Cleveland was named the top salesman instead of him.
Beyond (TV-14, NR) A married couple living in a post-apocalyptic world struggle to deal with their relationship, while they attempt to survive attacks by extra-terrestrials.
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